Miyi County, Panzhihua City, Sichuan

Earth Building

Project Partner: Kunming University of Science and Technology

Project Information:

  • The Eternal Church is located approimately 15 misn. away from the county town. It has around 500 believers, mostly from the surrounding villages, with a significant portion being elderly individuals. 
  • While the main worship hall of the church is still usable, the affiliated facilities are in a state of disrepair due to age. 
  • The church lacks a space for congregational meals after worship, and the pastor also desires to establish elderly care residences to better cater to the needs of the elderly in their later years.

Dec 2023 - On-site surveying work started. Foundation work shall be completed before the Chinese New Year.
Sep 2023 - The project completed the design, site survey, and site preparation work. The team planned to commence the construction of the foundations after the rainy season.
Jun 2023 - The land where the facilities are situated has uneven settlement and significant height differences, resulting in a disorganized site. The team spent a lot of time to design and finalized the construction drawings. 
Jun 2022 - Site investigation