Gaoliangdi Village, China

Xiyang Township, Jinning District, Kunming City, Yunnan

Earth Building

Project Partner: Kunming University of Science and Technology

Project Information:

  • Most of the buildings are earth construction in poor conditions with various types of damage.
  • A rebuilding plan for whole village to be completed by 2023
  • 50+ households were convinced to participate in this project.

Oct 2022 - The rest of rammed-earth construction work commenced and expected to be completed by Jan 2023.
Jun 2022 - Construction work for two demonstration houses commenced and expected to be completed in mid Sep.
Feb 2022 - All foundation work for 15 households were completed, however, the project was put on hold as the local government kept changing house design to reduce the overall construction cost for the project.
Aug 2021 - commencement of foundation work for 15 households
Jul 2021 - finalized construction drawings
Jun 2021 - completion of site formation work
Aug 2020 - commencement of site levelling work