Badi Village, China

Jinjiang Town, Shangri-La City, Yunnan

Earth Building

Project Partner: Kunming University of Science and Technology

Project Information:

  • Badi Village is about 180 kilometers away from Shangri-La City .
  • The houses there are scattered in the mountain valley.
  • There are traditional buildings built in earth, wood, and stones. 
  • Over 10 households expressed their interest to rebuild their houses by using new seismic rammed-earth construction technology.

Sep 2022 - Construction work of 17 houses was completed with final acceptance by the team.
Aug 2022 - 14 houses were built and 3 houses were under renovation work.
Mar 2022 - Project progress is slow due to limited commute caused by road repair work.
Feb 2022 - 7 houses were conducting interior renovation work; 3 houses were under rammed earth construction.
Dec 2021 - completion of all earth ramming work for 14 households
Aug 2021 - completion of all earth ramming work for 8 households
Jan 2021 - commencement of foundation work for 5 households