Wamaxiang, Baoshan City, Yunnan

Earth Building

Project Partner: Kunming University of Science and Technology & No. 10 Architect (local contractor)

Project Information:

  • Wamaxiang is located in the northwest of Baoshan City, about 180 kilometers away from Baoshan City.
  • It covers an area of 192 square kilometers and has a population of 11,000. 80% are ethnically Bai, Yi and Miao. It is a remote alpine mountainous area.
  • There are traditional buildings built in wood. Total 8 households from Xiaohe Village wish to build anti-seismic rammed earth houses to improve their living conditions.
  • In 2023, a collective house was newly built and shared by the lonely elderly villagers and the families with children who have a long way to travel to school.



Feb 2023 - The collective house project was completed after Lunar New Year holidays.
Oct 2022 - Ramming work for the collective house started and is expected to be completed by the end of Dec.
Aug 2022 - 4 houses were completed and awaiting acceptance, but four original households withdrew from the plan due to personal reasons. The team discussed with the local government and decided to build a collective house instead to improve the housing needs of lonely elderly villagers.
Apr 2022 - 4 houses were under rammed earth construction.
Feb 2022 - Design layout plans were finalized, and on-site craftsmen training was conducted.
Dec 2021 - Site investigation