resettlement site @ ji town, China

Wamaxiang, Baoshan City, Yunnan

Earth Building

Project Partner: Kunming University of Science and Technology & No. 10 Architect (local contractor)

Project Information:

  • This project is another relocation and resettlement site following the mudslide natural disaster in Wamaxiang.
  • The first phase of project involves the relocation of 18 households classified as low-income households in Xiaohe Village. The government has decided to relocate them collectively to the resettlement site in the Ji Town
  • Starting from Sep 2023, due to the relocation of the originally planned 12 households from Anbang Village to the Ji town, the number of houses to be constructed in the Ji town resettlement site has increased to 30.

Sep 2023 - The main structures of 10 households were completed, while the construction of another 13 houses is still in progress.
Jun 2023 - On-site craftman training
Feb 2023 - Site investigation